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Any refactoring tool like this?

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Ctrl+Shift+Y for Lowercase, Ctrl+Shift+X for Uppercase. –  ツ Pratik Butani ツ Aug 6 at 7:20

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After you press Alt+Shift+R as mentioned by kostja, you can select the text you want to change, then use Ctrl+Shift+Y and Ctrl+Shift+X to make lowercase or uppercase.

However, there is no intelligence in this. It just blindly changes the case on the characters you currently have selected.

note: This tip comes from eclipse help. If you need to find it, click Help, Search, then type "uppercase". You'll find a page with lots of shortcuts.

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this doesn't work with my version of Eclipse 3.6.2 - I'd LOVE to be able to select the text to capitalize, then right click, select Source, select "make capital" or "make lower case". I miss that user-friendly aspect from Visual Studio ! –  Someone Somewhere Sep 30 '11 at 22:06
It only works on the selection (and it's cmd-shift-x/y on the mac.) It's a shame that it won't do the next character if you haven't selected a range, since the keybinding is doing nothing in that case. –  Joshua Goldberg Oct 21 '11 at 2:25

Pressing Alt+Shift+R gives you all the power to refactor your variable name to your liking. AFAIK, there is no tool or shortcut that does just the capitalizing.

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There are a number of problems:

  • fooBar -> FooBar and vice-versa are unlikely to occur unless someone has been ignoring the Java style guidelines. (I rarely encounter such code, and when I do my initial reaction is to write off the code as beyond salvage.)

  • fooBar -> FOO_BAR and vice-versa are plausible, but pretty unusual.

  • foobar -> fooBar is also plausible, but it is problematic. It would entail Eclipse figuring out where the intended word boundaries are in a sequence of characters, and that is hard to get right.

If you look at these, they are all either unlikely to be needed much, or too hard to do properly. Hence, it doesn't surprise me that they are not supported by the standard Eclipse codebase.

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What I find useful is column select using Alt+Shit+A and select a column of letters. Then use Ctrl+Shift+Y or Ctrl+Shift+X to lower case or uppercase letters.

This works for eclipse on windows.

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No. You'll have to use the standard rename refactoring and retype the variable name in capital letters.

Capitalizing variable names should be limited to those cases, where we change a class attribute to a "constant", and this doesn't happen that often...

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