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I have a simple sql query that goes like this:

SELECT * FROM leaderboard WHERE UserId = '$sessfacebook'"

This selects me a username, a facebookid and a numeric score. I need to pull this record out but I need to find out which position the record is in if the table were ordered by the score. Hope this makes sense.

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You can use another query for that

SELECT count(*) Position
FROM leaderboard
WHERE score >= (
    SELECT score
    FROM leaderboard
    WHERE UserId = '$sessfacebook')

Which you can slot in as a subquery

    SELECT count(*)
    FROM leaderboard b
    WHERE b.score >= leaderboard.score) Position
FROM leaderboard
WHERE UserId = '$sessfacebook'
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aha ok, so how do I get the position out of that query...how do I assign that to a variable? Sorry my sql isn't brilliant. –  Mike Rifgin Mar 16 '11 at 10:35
@eld - in both queries, the column is named "Position". So in php, you would reference $pos = intval($result['position']); –  RichardTheKiwi Mar 16 '11 at 10:36
That's brilliant. I actually needed to do <= rather than >= to get what I want but it's working. Many thanks –  Mike Rifgin Mar 16 '11 at 11:03

You could use a subquery to select the number of records with a higher score:

,       (select count(*) from leaderboard lb2 where lb2.score > lb1.score) as Rank
FROM    leaderboard lb1
WHERE   UserId = '$sessfacebook'"
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SELECT * from (SELECT @ranknum := @ranknum + 1 AS rank, 
leaderboard.* FROM leaderboard , (SELECT @ranknum := 0) r order by score desc) 
as sortedboard where USERID = '$sessfacebook' limit 1;

This will create a table alias as leaderboard with rank, and get the required record from it. Will work for you, tested it.

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