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When I run my application on GAE, I retrieved the cache info.

    {'hits': 672148648L, 'items': 2L, 'bytes': 18446744073709513520L, 'oldest_item_age': 0L, 'misses': 6716984L, 'byte_hits': 44238386603L}

I use my memcache extensively. Is it true that cache size allocated for my application is so large ? This is the code which i use to retrieve the stats

cache_stats = memcache.get_stats()
s = str(cache_stats)
self.response.out.write(s + "\n\n")
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what logic are you using to retrieve the cache info that returns a JSON object? – Travis Webb Mar 17 '11 at 12:40

16 million terabytes seems outlandish.

Even for The Google.

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Nick Johnson of Google said that "the [memcache] space available to a given app will vary based on a number of factors, including its traffic". The amount you're quoting doesn't sound right, but if it is - tell us your secrets...

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