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By default, the following repositories are configured in BuildConfig.groovy

repositories {
    grailsHome()    // look inside the grails installation

I understand that the grailsHome() repository corresponds to the JARs that are available within the local Grails installation, and I guess grailsPlugins() corresponds to the repository where released Grails plugins are stored.

Am I right about these two, and if so, what is grailsCentral()?

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As I understand it;

grailsPlugins() looks inside the ~/.grails/version directory

grailsHome() (as you suspected) looks inside the Grails installation directory

grailsCentral() looks to be using the grails subversion repository

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The path you suggested for grailsPlugins() is wrong, look at my answer for the right location it points to. –  sudhir Mar 20 at 14:13
@sudhir Yeah things have probably changed over the 3 years –  tim_yates Mar 20 at 14:17

Here's exactly where it is looks for

  • grailsPlugins() - Looks for jars inside /lib directory of each installed plugin. (See GrailsPluginsDirectoryResolver)
  • grailsHome() - Looks inside the GRAILS-HOME/lib directory
  • grailsCentral() - Looks at http://grails.org/plugins
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