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In development I use jetty as the servlet container. I have the following development configuration:

  • master project which has wabapp directory
  • derived project which overrides some of the files in webapp directory

The master project webapp can be started in development mode thanks to providing appropriate WebAppContext to jetty.

Now I want to start derived project analogously, assuming that when request is made, there is an attempt to:

  • get resource from webapp directory of derived project
  • if it does not exists, get it from webapp directory of master project

I know that it is possible to override WebAppContext#getResource() method, however some libraries we use in the project seem to perform IO operations on wabapp directory on their own. For example by calling ServletContext#getRealPath("/"), and then reading files without use of ServletContext#getResource() method. The problem could be solved on lower level by some virtual file system on top of File, however it does not seem to be supported in JDK 1.6, any suggestions?

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It seems that using something like ResourceCollection is sufficient:

Unfortunately the GWT's DevMode which I use is based on jetty 6, where ResourceCollection is unavailable. I extended the Resource class myself, and together with own GWT JettyLauncher, and thanks to small trick with setting resourceBase on DefaultServlet via reflection, I was able to serve webapp from two directories simultaneously.

protected void doStart() throws Exception {
    setClassLoader(new LauncherWebAppClassLoader());
    ServletHolder holder = getServletHandler().getServlet("default");
    Servlet servlet = holder.getServlet();
    Field field = servlet.getClass().getDeclaredField("_resourceBase");
    field.set(servlet, combinedResourceBase);
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