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I'm trying to play a WAV file in Symbian using Qt Creator.

I got this:


It works on Windows, but when I try it on Symbian it doesn't make a sound, but no error though.

This is most likely because it doesn't find the file (no notify.wav file under C:)

How can I include a WAV file so it gets installed to the Symbian device and so I can use its path to play it?

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Use the DEPLOYMENT qmake instruction in your .pro file e.g:

sounds.sources = path to your wav
sounds.path = ./thewav.wav
DEPLOYMENT += sounds

This will deploy the wav in your app's directory. QSound::play("notify.wav") should work then, if not try to get the path to your directory from QApplication.

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OK, it worked.

This is what I did:

In the .pro file:

symbian: {
    sounds.sources = c:/notify.wav
    sounds.path = c:/
    DEPLOYMENT += sounds

In the program:


This way it works in Windows and in Symbian.

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