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I am trying to write a stored function which will return BINARY(20) type. I would like to format this return value, by putting string, itn, float values in it. But I couldn't figure it out how can I append binary data.

CREATE FUNCTION `test`() RETURNS binary(20)
declare v binary(20);

set v:= CAST('test' as binary);
set v := v || cast(5 as binary); -- I would like to append 5 as binary but how?

return v;

First line writes test as binary, at second line I would like to append 5 as binary. How can I do that? Thank you all..

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|| in mysql is logical OR - you want to use CONCAT:


instead of CAST(5 AS BINARY), you can use the shorthand BINARY 5.

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I tried that but it converts 5 to char, I also tried number 659845 instead of 5, it uses 6bytes instead of 4 bytes, so it is not binary. – MCA Mar 16 '11 at 14:04
what do you want the 5 to be converted to? BINARY means "byte string", so naturally an integer 5 is converted to the byte string '5'. – ax. Mar 16 '11 at 14:22
so did you make any progress in solving your problem? did you maybe figure out that packing different types into a BINARY string is not the best of ideas? – ax. Mar 17 '11 at 4:39
I confirmed this answer. Here I convert two strings to binary data, concatenate them, and then convert the result back to a string: select concat(binary 'x', binary 'y') as binary_return_value, cast(concat(binary 'x', binary 'y') as char) char_return_value; – Jonathan Aug 28 '14 at 13:58

To concat 5, rather than character 5, use char(5) rather than binary 5. So:

select concat("test", char(5))

returns a blob of 5 bytes. You can verify this with:

select length(concat("test", char(5))), hex(concat("test", char(5)));

To pad it out to a 20 byte array:

select convert(concat("test", char(5)), binary(20));

In your stored procedure, you just need:

set v:= concat("test", char(5));
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