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There seems to be no guide out there that is still valid so I'm asking how to use Egit in Eclipse to push a project to GitHub. I followed some guides but end up with an "Specifications don't match any existing refs in source repository." error in the push dialog.

I'm using Eclipse 3.6.1 and Egit 0.9.1. It should be possible to use Egit shouldn't it? But so far all my attempts have failed so I'm starting to wonder if Egit is just a big joke or experiment or something? Either way it would be great if somebody could give a short step by step guide to push a project with Egit successfully.

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I followed the Egit GitHub tutorial exactly, and had no problems getting my project onto Github. – Matt Ball Mar 16 '11 at 12:46
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you should commit the project first onto local repository. and then select Team->Remote->Push... to push the project onto Github.

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