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  1. Built my project.

  2. Created my .pfx using sn.exe -k (to create ShellTradingCCMPROD.pfx).

  3. Copied the file to the application folder.

  4. In VS 2005, I go to the Signing tab, 'Select From File' and browse to the .pfx file.

  5. I hit 'Open' and I get the following error:

The file 'C:\2009.02.1.1\ShellTrading.CCM.WinUI\ShellTradingCCMPROD.pfx' could not be imported: Cannot find the requested object.

Other .pfx files work - any clues?

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What happens in VS2008 (or VS2010?) – emptyset Mar 4 '11 at 14:38

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sn.exe -k does not create a file in the .pfx format. I don't have VS2005 around anymore, but it works in VS2010 when I name the file ShellTradingCCMPROD.snk. The key in this file is not password protected.

As far as I know, you cannot use sn.exe to create password protected keys.

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U can refer to the below link as it explains very carefully how to solve this particular problem.
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