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I have the following 2 SQL statements that I really need to combine.

Any help would be really appreciated.

    SELECT Aircraft.Id AS AircraftID, AircraftManufacturers.Name, AircraftModels.ModelName, 
    Aircraft.ModelSuffix, Aircraft.ImageFileName, Aircraft.Year, Aircraft.SerialNo, 
    Locations.DescriptionForSite, Aircraft.Description, Aircraft.Description2, 
    Aircraft.InfoWebAddress, Aircraft.ImageDescription, Advertisers.Id AS AdvertisersID, 
    Advertisers.Name AS AdvertisersName, Aircraft.AircraftDataId, Aircraft.ForSale, Aircraft.ForLease, 
    Aircraft.TTAF, Aircraft.ReSend, Aircraft.ReSendReason, Aircraft.Registration, Aircraft.AdType,
    Aircraft.HasAlternateImage, Aircraft.AlternateImageDescription, 
    Aircraft.Price, AircraftModels.AircraftType, Advertisers.CurrentEMagLink, Aircraft.CurrentEMagLink, 
    Aircraft.Email, Aircraft.IsSold, Aircraft.SoldDate, Aircraft.DateAdded, Aircraft.ExtendedDetails, 
    Aircraft.LastUpdateDate, Aircraft.ImageCount, Aircraft.ContactTelephone, AircraftModels.id, Advertisers.IsPremiumAdvertiser,
    Aircraft.Location, Advertisers.ContactTelephone As AdvertisersTelephone, Aircraft.LastUpdateDate, Aircraft.EndDate, Aircraft.VideoLink
    FROM (((Aircraft 
    INNER JOIN Advertisers ON Aircraft.AdvertiserId = Advertisers.Id) 
    INNER JOIN AircraftModels ON Aircraft.AircraftModelId = AircraftModels.Id) 
    INNER JOIN AircraftManufacturers ON AircraftModels.ManufacturerId = AircraftManufacturers.Id) 
    INNER JOIN Locations ON Aircraft.LocationId = Locations.Id
    JOIN iter$simple_intlist_to_tbl(@ids) i ON AircraftModels.id = i.number
    WHERE (Aircraft.IsActive=1 AND Advertisers.IsActive=1 AND (Aircraft.EndDate>=@Date OR Aircraft.EndDate Is Null) AND Locations.DescriptionForSite LIKE @Location)
    OR (Advertisers.IsActive=1 AND Aircraft.IsSold=1 AND Aircraft.SoldDate>=@Date2 AND Locations.DescriptionForSite LIKE @Location)
    ORDER BY Advertisers.IsPremiumAdvertiser ASC, Aircraft.DateAdded DESC, Aircraft.ListPosition DESC, 
    Aircraft.LastUpdateDate, AircraftManufacturers.Name, AircraftModels.ModelName, Aircraft.ModelSuffix, 
    Aircraft.Id DESC

    SELECT TOP (1) dbo.Addresses.Email, dbo.Addresses.Contact, dbo.Addresses.Telephone1
    FROM dbo.AdvertiserAddressLink 
    INNER JOIN dbo.Addresses ON dbo.AdvertiserAddressLink.AddressId = dbo.Addresses.Id
    WHERE (dbo.AdvertiserAddressLink.AdvertiserId = 'AdvertisersID') <--see above 
    AND (dbo.Addresses.AddressType = 1 OR dbo.Addresses.AddressType = 0)

Thanks!!!! ORDER BY dbo.Addresses.AddressType DESC, dbo.Addresses.Sequence

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You want to combine them how/into what? –  JNK Mar 16 '11 at 12:53
Have you ever considered using short aliases for tables? –  Andriy M Mar 16 '11 at 12:59
You can look into the APPLY operator for this. –  Martin Smith Mar 16 '11 at 13:13
@JNK 'code' dbo.AdvertiserAddressLink.AdvertiserId = 'AdvertisersID' 'code' 'AdvertisersID is a value of the first SELECT statement. –  Phill Healey Mar 16 '11 at 13:26
@Andriy M Yes I have thanks. –  Phill Healey Mar 16 '11 at 13:26

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It looks like you want to do TOP 1 in the second query based on a correlated parameter from the first?

You can use APPLY for this.

A simple example.

SELECT t.name, ca.name
FROM sys.tables t
             FROM sys.columns c 
             WHERE c.object_id=t.object_id 
             ORDER BY name) ca
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Thanks for that, could you possibly ellaborate a bit please. –  Phill Healey Mar 17 '11 at 10:15

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