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I have a table Users, so some rows specially in field Full Name are in different upper/lower case, so i found this function:

CREATE function properCase(@texto varchar(8000)) returns varchar(8000) as   
    --declare @texto = 'hola'  
    set @texto = lower(@texto)   

    declare @i int   
    set @i = ascii('a')   

    while @i <= ascii('z')   

        set @texto = replace(@texto, ' ' + char(@i), ' ' + char(@i-32))   
        set @i = @i + 1   

    set @texto = char(ascii(left(@texto, 1))-32) + right(@texto, len(@texto)-1)   

    return @texto   

How can I use this function to update or select the "fullname" field from my user table?

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SELECT dbo.properCase(fullname) FROM [user]


UPDATE [user] SET fullname = dbo.properCase(fullname)
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SELECT dbo.properCase(FullName) FROM [User]


UPDATE [User] SET FullName = dbo.properCase(FullName)
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