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Is there an online ticket system I can use for co-developing with my buddies so we can see who takes care of what in development? I don't mean an open source one I can install on my own server, I mean a free hosted one where I can have a project overview. I'd prefer if it wasn't public, and if it was very easy, perhaps with some kind of windows widget, so that I could just create tickets as I develop and discover new programming tasks that need to be done.


http://Unfuddle.com - Free SVN (up to 200 MB) and Git - Free (public and non-public) ticketing system

http://lighthouseapp.com/ - Free ticketing system

Assembla : free SVN, non-free ticket system

Google Project Hosting : all free and public

Github : support SVN and Git, free public ticket system

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why close this question? I find interesting that people would vote without saying at least why. This question is well formulated and relevant, IMO –  Yanick Rochon Mar 16 '11 at 13:19
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Have a look at Lighthouse. They offer a free plan.

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I didn't know that Lighthouse offered a free plan. What are the details of it? I had a quick tour, but could only find details for the payable plans. –  Yanick Rochon Mar 16 '11 at 13:51
@Yanick: They don't advertise the free plan a lot for obvious reasons. The question was once answered (more ore less) by support staff: help.lighthouseapp.com/discussions/questions/… –  Chris Mar 16 '11 at 16:03
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I would recommend Mantis. We used it at my last job and hooked it up to the SVN so we could assign tickets to people. And once they would commit with "resolved" or other keywords (configurable), the ticket would get resolved and notification e-mails would get sent to interested parties, etc. Everything is customizable, and it's open source, of course.

** EDIT **

However, you will need to install this on a server. It's all written in PHP and is no different from any other PHP webapp. I don't know any free private based solution for what you're asking, or if such service even exists.

Usually, bug tracking systems send e-mails to the assigned developer, so if you have Outlook or GMail notification (or whatever), you can know new tasks by configuring filters in your e-mail client, etc. While writing new tickets, since this is usually not something you do very often (or hopefully not!), simply logging in the tracker should be trivial and having a "Windows widget" is superfluous (not mentioning OS dependent and open source projects tend to stay away from that attribute). Or you could still code one using an Http client framework/classes to access your bug tracking solution. (Note that if you decide to go along that path, you will need to support your project to follow changes in your bug tracker's updates.)

If you really don't want to bother having to host your own bug tracking solution, take a look at

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There is a new kid on the block called helpdesk http://helpdeskhq.com which looks really interesting. In fact here at adsalsa we are early adopters and I can honestly say that after paying an extortionate fee last year for jira, we wish oh wish we'd seen helpdesk first.

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We just looked at RT:Request Tracking, which looks like a good option if you wish to manage the installation yourselves.


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