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Basically, I have an application that needs to consume a WCF Service (Calculator.svc). While in debugging, the service is being hosted on my local machine, but in release the service is being hosted on an IIS server.

Debug Address: http://localhost/MyProj/Services/Calculator.svc
Release Address: http://www.mycompany.com/Services/Calculator.svc

If I don't add a service reference and construct the service by hand, this isn't an issue anymore. But, if I add a service reference to my localhost address, then how do I dynamically change that during release mode?

NOTE: I do realize I can create a new CalculatorClient and feed in my own Binding and EndpointAddress, but is that the proper way to do it?

CalculatorClient client;

Binding binding = new BasicHttpBinding("MyConfig");
EndpointAddress remoteAddress = new EndpointAddress("http://www.mycompany.com/Services/Calculator.svc");

client = new CalculatorClient(binding, remoteAddress);

client = new CalculatorClient();

Is there an easier way or more proper way to do this?

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Basically you have two options:

1) Change the values in app.config in your build/deployment script.

2) Use the same address for both. On your dev machine this can be setup by adding an entry in your HOSTS file pointing www.mycompany.com to localhost. After this is done you set up a web site in iis for the host header www.mycompany.com and serve the project from there.

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