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Hey anyone, i try integrating zend lucene search system with codeigniter. But the problem is how i can formatting the search result in pagination in Codeigniter

below is the search code :

$query//keyword to search                
$index = Zend_Search_Lucene::open(DOCROOT . 'data/index'); //opening index
$hits['post']= $index->find($query); //getting the search result

Please help me friends

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What does this have to do with kohana? –  zombor Mar 16 '11 at 13:27

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Your controller should look like this:

$query_result = $index->find($query);

$offset = $this->uri->segment(3,0);
$limit = 10;

// this is the cool part, which you don't know
    $set= array();                                      
    for($i=$offset; $i< $limit + $offset; $i++)
        if(array_key_exists($i, $query_result)){
            $set[]= $query_result[$i];
//end of cool part

$config['base_url'] = base_url().'search/index/';
$config['total_rows'] = count($query_result);
$config['uri_segment'] = 3;
$config['per_page'] = $limit;
$config['num_links'] =10;
$data['links'] = $this->pagination->create_links();
$data['results'] = $set;// pass the paginated resulted to the view

And your view should look like this

<?php foreach($results as $result):?>
<?php endforeach;?>

<?=$links?>//the pagination links
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