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I retrieved a fine component for drawing in flex. It uses some floating toolpalette like:

toolBox = PopUpManager.createPopUp( this, ToolPalette ) as ToolPalette;

I tried to integarte that component into a new flex MXML component like a tileWindow: Works fine except that these tools palette are OUTSIDE the component.

Is there a way to constrain the toolBox created with PopupManager to stay within its parent container ?


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I used createPopUp when the popup component was "titleWindow". But when I want a Canvas component added in the popup, I created a titleWindow and added the Canvas component as a child to the TitleWindow.

var titleWindow:TitleWindow;
titleWindow=new ResizableTitleWindow();
//Canvas Component
var toolPalette:ToolPalette=new ToolPalette();
// Add the Canvas component to the Titlewindow
PopUpManager.addPopUp(titleWindow, this, true);
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Set the modal property when you call the createPopup method to true.

createPopUp(this, toolPalette, true, null)
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By deffinition on adobes site no you can not constrain

createPopUp -- Creates a top-level window and places it above other windows in the z-order.


Thats' not saying you couldn't try to create a mask of some sort

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