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No, I don't mean run-time performance sensitivity to input size. I'm asking about any known characteristics used to describe the perceived difficulty to develop and maintain a given program. So far, I've only heard people talking in terms of lines of code. I've been even asked during interviews about the line count of my projects. But I feel this characteristic alone is very misleading. For example, there are projects to which you can add code/features and it doesn't necessarily lead to complexity if the functionality is largely independent. There are also projects with very long data transformation pipelines where small change in one step of the pipeline may force drastic changes to every other step of that pipeline. Other examples of complexity: when the program contains algoritms approximating NP-hard problems, requires mathematical accuracy, significant performance, absolute stability, etc. Basically I need to quickly give people the idea of the complexity of one my projects, as contrasted with "mainstream" desktop software projects. Is there a standard terminology for desribing it?

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From what I have been told function point is the "second best" to use for complexity over LOC (Mainly because it is one of the most used under LOC and easy to do and understand, but then again this is for estimates and may not apply to you) You can also try looking into feature points or object points.

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Cyclomatic complexity is a very good measure of program complexity. It also has direct correlation on the quality of the software and can provide guidance of your source code's readability, maintainability, and portability. One of the reasons for using metrics like cyclomatic complexity is that in general a human being can only keep track of about 7 (plus or minus 2) pieces of information simultaneously in your brain. Therefore, if your software is overly complex with multiple decision paths, it is unlikely that you will be able to visualize how your software will behave (i.e. it will have a high cyclomatic complexity metric). This would most likely lead to developing erroneous or bug ridden software. More information about this can be found here and also on Wikipedia.

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Cyclomatic complexity is one measure.

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"Cyclomatic complexity" and "function points" are the two things you should Google. The former is a metric used to describe the complexity of a single method, or, by summing it up, of many methods; and "function points" are a way of estimating the level of effort needed to develop a piece of software. There are many other such tools, but these two are a good start.

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