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I am having trouble (complete) with execCommand so you help much appreciated - I have no doubt I am barking up the wrong tree but ..... anyway

I have a div like this

<div class="editable" id="editor" contenteditable="true"> 
    <2>Some text in here</h2> blah blah blah ...

That is "editable" i.e. document.designMode = 'on'; - it get's this "state" on focus. On blur it changes to document.designMode = 'off';

I have a "test button"

<input type="button" id="bold" value="Bold"> 

That when "clicked" makes the "highlighted text" bold - hence execCommand

So far I have something like this:

function getSelected() {
if(window.getSelection) { return window.getSelection(); }
else if(document.getSelection) { return document.getSelection(); }
else {
var selection = document.selection && document.selection.createRange();
if(selection.text) { return selection.text; }
return false;
return false;

var selection = getSelected();

The alert (bold click) does give me the highlighted/selected text but I cannot work out how to "turn it" bold. I guess I need to access the innerHTML or something?

Help much appreciated - thanks in advance. OH and I do not want to use either an i-frame or a textarea

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I strongly recommend using Rangy for dealing with text selection.

A cross-browser JavaScript range and selection library. It provides a simple standards-based API for performing common DOM Range and Selection tasks in all major browsers, abstracting away the wildly different implementations of this functionality between Internet Explorer and DOM-compliant browsers.

You can use the CSS Class Applier Module to bold the text (live demo).

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Matt ummmmmm ... thanks VERY much for Rangy opens FAR more possibilities, not one I had come across. It does not conflicy with UI Sortables so when I mean possibilities . as I said ... ummm. Just need to fathom out a few things with it but it looks like one of those "invaluables". Without going to far looks like I can really combine some aspects of HTML5 cross browser without conflicts. Much appreciated hence 2 vote up and an answer – Russell Parrott Mar 16 '11 at 19:47
No problem. You're welcome. BTW, I'm pretty sure the maintainer is on SO. edit found him. – Matt Ball Mar 16 '11 at 19:53
+1 for Rangy. Sweet piece of code – gpasci Aug 18 '11 at 17:11

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