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I am using visual studio 2010 professional edition. I have a number of projects and solutions with the PlatformTarget set to x86 and i need to change that to AnyCPU.

It is not feasible to do it manually, since there are too many projects, so i was wondering if there is an existing macro or script that can do the conversion automatically for all projects.

If there is no such macro/script and i have to write a conversion application myself, what would be a good way to perform this conversion (simple string replace in the csproj files or is there a better way)?

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Sub ChangePlatformTarget()
    For Each proj As Project In DTE.Solution.Projects

        If Not proj.ConfigurationManager Is Nothing Then
            'it's a folder, do something else with it...
        End If

End Sub

Sub ChangeProject(proj As Project
    Dim prop As [Property] = proj.ConfigurationManager.ActiveConfiguration.Properties.Item("PlatformTarget")
    prop.Value = "AnyCPU"
End Sub
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