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if i use a dark theme then links in Eclipse-"quick fix" or in i.e. Eclipse->Preferences->General->Editor (the three 'see... "File Associaton"|"Content Types"|"Appearance"'-links) are unreadable.

On this image the links i am talking about are cyan on grey:

I found a solution for Windows/XP:

The hover uses the same colors as the on your system. On Windows you can change that via Display settings > Appearance > Advanced: ToolTip. The link color is the one used in your browser (IE on Windows).

However, i need a solution for Linux (XFCE 4.8.1/GTK)

I checked/tested all settings of Eclipse and i found no setting for this link-color. It seems to be a system-setting (GTK), so i already tried to add this to gtkrc:

style "default" {
        GtkWidget::link-color = "#ffffff"

class "GtkWidget" style "default" 

but this did not change the link color in Eclipse.

I hope you can help - thanks!

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Did you ever resolve this? – Justin Wrobel Jan 4 '13 at 17:58
image link is broken :-( – Tom H May 9 '13 at 3:07

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Use the colors menu (the first entry in the picture):

enter image description here

And redefine the tooltip background color:

enter image description here

Then enjoy the readable popups:

enter image description here

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Install gnome-color-chooser and customize the tooltip color as described here:

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I'll chime in here, since I have the same issue.

There is no fix for this, when running Eclipse on Unix (KDE, Gnome, etc).

The color for links, which is used in the QuickFix list as well as various other places in the UI (such as Preferences panels), is hardcoded.

On Windows, you are luckier, since Eclipse uses the native link widget, which takes its colors from system settings.

On non-Windows, you are stuck with a dark-blue hardcoded color.

What it should do, at least on GTK, is use the GtkWidget::link-color setting. But it doesn't, currently.

If you want to see it fixed, either upvode this bug or fix the code yourself:

Sad, I know ):

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Check out this post Color Themes for Eclipse? or have a look at the Eclipse color themes site.

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First link is broken. – Sipty yesterday

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