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Having this table

Table "Items"


and this

Table "MyList"


how can I select all rows from table "Items" and showing the field "deleted", even if the itemID do not exist in "MyList", given an userID?

Example of the query result:

itemID | itemTitle | deleted | userID
1      | Title1    | 1       | 2
2      | Title2    | 0       | 2
3      | Title3    | (null)  | (null)
4      | Title4    | (null)  | (null)

What would be the query, so that I can get that result?


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SELECT I.itemID, I.itemTitle, M.deleted
    Items I
    LEFT OUTER JOIN MyList M ON M.itemID = I.itemID
WHERE M.userID = 9

Edit: Based on OP's comment:

SELECT I.itemID, I.itemTitle, M.deleted, M.userID
    MyList M
    LEFT OUTER JOIN Items I ON I.itemID = M.itemID
WHERE M.userID = 9
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I'm not sure if this is the best way of doing this, but it returns what I was looking for:

select itemID, itemTitle, deleted, userID
SELECT i.id_itemID, i.itemTitle, M.deleted, M.userID
    MyList M
    right OUTER JOIN Items I ON I.itemID= M.itemID
) as MyTableItems
where itemID = 3 or itemID is null
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You can use outer join:

select a.itemId, a.itemTitle, b.deleted
from Items a left outer join MyList b
on a.itemId = b.itemId
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