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I want to analyze assemblies using reflection.

Specifically, I want to find out, if a certain interface is implemented in a type in the assembly.

Not all references of the assembly are present on the machine though, this is why I need to analyze them.

So when I call GetTypes or GetExportedTypes, a FileNotFoundException is thrown, telling me that a referenced assembly cannot be loaded.

This is true, but still I want to know what types are implemented in this assembly.

Reflector can do it somehow. How can this be done?

EDIT: I just found out about Mono.Cecil, does exactly what I want in an easy way. However, it is an external library and no build in solution.

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CCI might be kinda heavyweight for what you want, but it can reflect over assemblies without having them all loaded: http://cciast.codeplex.com/

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Thanks for the link. I'm still hoping somebody knows a standard .net way without using external assemblies. Otherwise I might come back to this library. –  testalino Mar 16 '11 at 14:55
CCI and Mono.Cecil is the current "standard" way, as so many commercial or open source projects (NDepend, Sandcastle) are built upon them. Reflection is by far the most unpleasant way, so I don't think it will become the "standard". –  Lex Li Mar 26 '11 at 2:31

I need to do the same thing, and after hours of searching, I came across this.

The code you need is at the buttom of the thread. It doesn't get you all the way, but it at least lets you get a list of all the types in an assembly even without having all of the dependencies.

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Interesting, I'll look into it, thank you –  testalino Mar 28 '11 at 7:06

I had the same problem and figured this out:
Using Assembly.LoadFrom() instead of Assembly.LoadFile()

It works for me at least! :-)

Assembly asm;
Type[] types;

asm = Assembly.LoadFile(@"C:\path\assembly.dll");
types = asm.GetTypes() // throws FileNotFoundException.

asm = Assembly.LoadFrom(@"C:\path\assembly.dll");
types = asm.GetTypes() // Works!

Assembly.GetExportedTypes() behaves the same as above, too.

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