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This is a little strange for me. I have script like following

SELECT @maxCustId = MAX(CustomerId) FROM Customers
SELECT * INTO #temp FROM linkserver.DB.dbo.Customers where CustomerId > @maxCustId 

-- Copy records to local db Custome table


But sometimes #temp does not fetch all records from linked sever.

Like I had Max CustomerId = 1138 in my local db and when I run above script my temp table (which fetch records from linked server) misses CustoemrIds 1140, 1141. Linked server has customers upto 1160. #temp table has records upto 1160 but misses two records i.e. 1140, 1141

I run that script again and again and on 4th attempt the record 1141 added in #temp table but record 1140 was still missing.

I then put following query on local server to check record in linked server

SELECT * FROM linkserver.DB.dbo.Customers where CustomerId = 1140

Above query return no records.

To verify this I went to linked server and wrote same query on server from where I have created LINKED server.

-- This is the server which I am using as linked server in my local server
SELECT * FROM Customers where CustomerId = 1140

Custoemr 1140 was in db, which I was sure that it would be there but I run above script to verify it.

I come back to my local server and run this query

SELECT * FROM linkserver.DB.dbo.Customers where CustomerId = 1140

This time my linked server returns customer 1140 which it was not returning earlier.

I run the whole query again and now my #temp table has all records.

I am so confused that why first time linked server did not return all records.

This is sample from a long procedure which copy records from linked server to local server and because of this reason my local db has less records than linked server db.

  • Linked server: SQL Server 2005 Standard with SP2
  • Local Server: SQL Server 2008 Web Edition with SP2
  • Provider: SQL Native Client 10

Linked server security options:

  • Be made using the securing context
  • Remote Login
  • With Passowrd

login user details:

  • Server Roles: public and sysadmin
  • User Mappings: sa is not mapped with db I query.
  • Linked server db updated frequently
  • No NOLOCK at any point in query

Any help.

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You are selecting into #temp from table swyx.Atia.dbo.Ippbxcdr, yet you are trying to verify the existence of a record in linkserver.DB.dbo.Customers. What about when you run the query on the database server that contains Atia.dbo.Ippbxcdr? – HardCode Mar 16 '11 at 14:58
I have edited my question and the record which missed in #temp table exists in linkserver.db.dbo.Customers – Kashif Mar 16 '11 at 15:08
Can you just SELECT * FROM linkserver.DB.dbo.Customers with no WHERE clause and see if the missing rows show up? – HardCode Mar 16 '11 at 19:15
I've had some pretty odd results with a linked Oracle server along these lines. Out of interest, what happens if you SELECT CustomerId FROM linkserver.DB.dbo.Customers where CustomerId = 1140 instead of SELECT * ...? – Matt Gibson Mar 17 '11 at 7:41
@Matt, as I wrote that linked server miss records sometimes so I am trying to reproduce this again to answer @HardCode question of not using WHERE clause and will answer your question of using CustomerId instead of fetching all columns. – Kashif Mar 17 '11 at 7:48

I have seen similar behaviour with linked servers (although usually Oracle not SQL Server) and the problem was traced to the driver being used for the linked server. I see you have SQL Native Client 10 as the provider, could you try using Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server instead and seeing if it makes a difference?

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Also would be curious to know if you have the same problem when you use OpenQuery instead of the four-part naming convention:

SELECT * FROM OpenQuery(linkserver,'SELECT * FROM Customers where CustomerId = 1140') 

IIRC, that should be faster, anyway... I believe that would force it to take care of the "where" part on the linked server and only return the appropriate values as opposed to returning the whole dataset and doing the filterin' on the destination side. Of course, I'm also pretty sure I saw a UFO at my Granny's house when I was eight, so take my wisdom with a grain of salt.

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Ok let me change my query using OPENQUERY and test it. Thanks for the help. – Kashif Mar 17 '11 at 14:34
OPENQUERY is also not working. Same problem of missing few records. – Kashif Mar 25 '11 at 11:57

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