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Any idea which account IIS uses to run project. My project or code access file which is in C:\path\path directory. When I test the project in my machine it runs fine (well I am running in built server; Cassini) but when I test the same project in development server where it uses IIS 6.0 ... my code throws a exception "Access to the file C:\path\path is denied".

Not sure how can I solve this? any idea?

Thanks a lot.


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Find the identity used by the application pool your web application runs under. Here are steps for IIS 6:

  1. Click Start | Run...
  2. Type inetmgr, click OK
  3. In the left-hand pane of IIS Manager, browse to your web application, e.g., My Server | Web Sites | Default Web Site | My Web App
  4. Right-click on the web application, click Properties
  5. In the general tab, note name of the the selected Application pool. Click Cancel
  6. Go back to the left-hand pane of IIS Manager. Browse to My Server | Application Pools | My Application Pool, where My Application Pool is the name you found in step 5, above.
  7. Right-click on My Application Pool, click Properties
  8. Click on the Identity tab. This shows the identity that your web application is running under.
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Use the IIS Manager to verify which Application Pool that is running the site you want to investigate.

If you look at the properties for the Application Pool, there is a tab named Identity in which you can determine what user is set to run the process.

You can also use the Task Manager to see which user is running the process named w3wp.exe, which is a process running an instance of IIS (or an Application Pool, in fact).

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