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Should REXML ignore identation or whitespacing?

I am debugging an issue with a simple HTML to Markdown convertor. For some reason it fails on


But not on


The reason is, that in the first case, type.children.first.value is not set, in the latter case it is. The original code can be found at link above, but a condensed snipped to show the problem is below:

require 'rexml/document'
include REXML

def parse_string(string)
  doc ="<root>\n"+string+"\n</root>")
  root = doc.root
  root.elements.each do |element|
    parse_element(element, :root)

def parse_element(element, parent)
  @output = ''
  # ...
  @output << opening(element, parent)

def opening(type, parent)
    when :blockquote
       # remove leading newline
      type.children.first.value = ""
      "> "

#Parses just fine
puts parse_string("<blockquote>\n<p>foo</p>\n</blockquote>")

# Fails with undefined method `value=' for <p> ... </>:REXML::Element (NoMethodError)
puts parse_string("<blockquote><p>foo</p></blockquote>")

I am quite certain, this is due to some parameter that makes REXML require whitespacing and identation: why else would it parse the first XML different from the latter?

Can I force REXML to parse both the same? Or am I looking at a whole different kind of bug?

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Show a code sample demonstrating the problem. Also, you probably should use Nokogiri. It's a great XML/HTML parser that is rapidly becoming the defacto choice. –  the Tin Man Mar 16 '11 at 19:15
I have added a condensed example. And about Nokogiri: I prefer that one too. But this is a script not by me, and I would like to simply fix it, instead of rewriting it to use a different XML library :) –  berkes Mar 16 '11 at 19:38

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Try passing the option :ignore_whitespace_nodes=>:all to

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That does not solve the problem; Where in the docs is ` :ignore_whitespace_nodes` mentioned? –  berkes May 28 '13 at 16:47
Worked for me (MRI 2.0.0-p481). –  Duncan Bayne Oct 29 '14 at 1:50

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