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I have an xml file that looks like the following. What I'm trying to do is to create a query that selects only the items with the attribute "Channel" and the value "Automotive".

      <category type="Channel">Automotive</category>
      <category type="Type">Cars</category>
      <category type="Token">Article</category>
      <category type="SpecialToken">News</category>

Here is my code

 var feeds = (from item in doc.Descendants("item")
    where item.Element("category").Value == "Channel"  
    select new { }).ToList();

I tried using the item.attribute method but I can't get to the value within the Item, only the attribute Value of "type"

Could somebody please help me out on this?

Cheers, Chris

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I suspect you want:

var feeds = (from item in doc.Descendants("item")
             from category in item.Elements("category")
             where category.Value=="Automotive" && 
                   category.Attribute("type").Value == "Channel"
             select item).ToList();
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I knew I had to do a subselect. Somehow I couldn't figure it out. Thanks again Jon. – Chris Feb 10 '09 at 16:39

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