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I tried:

<%= "foo \n bar" %> 

only getting "Foo bar". Rails seems to ignore the escape character. How can I produce the change line character since I get input from database and "\n" is part of the records to express changing line. (Do I have to write a textual parser by band in controllers? I think this way is too cumbersome...)

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Try simple_format

<%= simple_format "foo \n bar" %>
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This works. Thanks~~ –  lkahtz Mar 16 '11 at 16:41

You can simply replace them with html break line since <%= %> will just put the output as html. So,

<%= "foo \n bar".gsub("\n","<br />") %>
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I checked code of simple_html function. It is actually a gsub call as follows:

# File actionpack/lib/action_view/helpers/text_helper.rb, line 253
      def simple_format(text, html_options={}, options={})
        text = ''.html_safe if text.nil?
        start_tag = tag('p', html_options, true)
        text = sanitize(text) unless options[:sanitize] == false
        text.gsub!(/\r\n?/, "\n")                    # \r\n and \r -> \n
        text.gsub!(/\n\n+/, "</p>\n\n#{start_tag}")  # 2+ newline  -> paragraph
        text.gsub!(/([^\n]\n)(?=[^\n])/, '\1<br />') # 1 newline   -> br
        text.insert 0, start_tag

The reason previously it is not working is I need to add html_safe call. I remember I met this before. It is for rails 3 only. Therefore nkassis is not wrong.

In fact I can write the code as follows:

<%= "foo \n bar".gsub!(/([^\n]\n)(?=[^\n])/, '\1<br />').html_safe %>
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simple_format is actually call gsub and wraps double spaced paragrafs with p tag. –  fl00r Mar 16 '11 at 16:58

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