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Trying to grab the two $ values and the X value from this string in Ruby/watir:

16.67%: $xxx.xx down, includes the Policy Fee, and x installments of $xxx.xx

So far I've got:


which grabs the first xxx.xx fine, what do I need to add to it to grab the last two variables and load this all into an array?

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You can use the following, but regex may be unnecessary if the surrounding text is always the same:

\$(\d+.\d{2}).*?(\d+) installments.*?\$(\d+.\d{2})


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myarray = "16.67%: $xxx.xx down, includes the Policy Fee, and x installments of $xxx.xx".scan /\$\d+\.\d{2}/ –  Dave McNulla Mar 16 '11 at 19:35

if you know that the text in between will always be the same you could just:

16.67%:\s+\$(\d+.\d{2}) down, includes the Policy Fee, and x installments of (\d+.\d{2})
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only difference may be that the term Policy Fee may change.. thanks... –  SamuraiJack Mar 16 '11 at 16:40

You better use scan.

sub(/.*%/, '').scan(/\$?([\d\.]+)/)
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Have you considered just splitting the string on the $ character?, then manipulating what you get with a regex or basic string commands?

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Well I dont just need the two $ I need the number X before installments as well.. –  SamuraiJack Mar 18 '11 at 14:13

/\$(\d+.\d{2}).+\$(\d+.\d{2})/ should do it. it wont matter what text is there, only that there are two "$" in the sentence.

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