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I'm trying to sort values like "200.32 M" or "800.80 B"

The current method I'm using is not working out. Anyone familiar with this?

    id: 'mktcap', 
    is: function(s) { 
        return false;   
    format: function(s) {   
        return s.replace(/M/,s+1000000).replace(/B/,s+1000000000); 
    type: "numeric"   
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s.replace(/M/,s+1000000) looks strange.
try this instead for M (and same for B etc.)

var s = "200.32 M";
s = eval(s.replace(/ M/, " * 1000000"));
// s = 200320000

var s = "800.80 B";
s = eval(s.replace(/ B/, " * 1000000000"));
// s = 800800000000
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This worked like a charm. Thanks!!! – Jack Mar 16 '11 at 17:49

I'm sure s.replace(/M/,s+1000000) won't do what you expect. Best case scenario, you will end up with a string like "200.32 1000200.32". I would check for the M, strip it off, cast the string to number, and then add/multiply the appropriate value. Like this...

var str = "200.32 M";
var tokenM = " M";
var num;

if(str.indexOf(tokenM) == (str.length - tokenM.length)) { // Ends with " M"?
  str = str.replace(new RegExp(tokenM), "");
  num = parseFloat(str) + 1000000;
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var s= "200.32 M" ;

var rx=/((\.\d+)|(\d+(\.\d+)?))\s*([MB])?/;
var P= rx.exec(s), value, x, 

    value= P[1];
    x=P[5] || O;

/* returned value: (Number) 200320000 */

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