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Hey, guys, I used zip command, but I only want to archive all the files except *.txt. For example, if two dirs file1, file2; both of them have some *.txt files. I want archive only the non-text ones from file1 and file2.

tl;dr: How to tell linux to give me all the files that don't match *.txt

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Move to you desired directory and run:

ls | grep -P '\.(?!txt$)' | zip -@ zipname

This will create a zipname.zip file containing everything but .txt files. In short, what it does is:

  1. List all files in the directory, one per line (this can be achieved by using the -1 option, however it is not needed here as it's the default when output is not the terminal, it is a pipe in this case).
  2. Extract from that all lines that do not end in .txt. Note it's grep using a Perl regular expression (option -P) so the negative lookahead can be used.
  3. Zip the list from stdin (-@) into zipname file.


The first method I posted fails with files with two ., like I described in the comments. For some reason though, I forgot about the -v option for grep which prints only what doesn't match the regex. Plus, go ahead and include a case insensitive option.

ls | grep -vi '\.txt$' | zip -@ zipname
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By the way, the regular expression will match files like text.new.txt. These will be included in the zip. If you have files like this then let me know to build a bigger expression... –  sidyll Mar 16 '11 at 17:41
If you are going to use this method I'm surprised no-one has suggested find: $ find . -type f ! -iname '*.txt' -exec zip zipfile {} \;. –  bobbogo Mar 18 '11 at 9:05
$ zip -r zipfile -x'*.txt' folder1 folder2 ...
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This is the way to go, better than my extglob soln since it's buitin to zip –  SiegeX Mar 16 '11 at 18:32

Simple, use bash's Extended Glob option like so:


shopt -s extglob

zip -some -options !(*.txt)


This isn't as good as the -x builtin option to zip but my solution is generic across any command that may not have this nice feature.

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many thanks guys –  user302581 Apr 10 '11 at 3:47

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