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I'm not sure exactly how to get this.

What I have is something like this.

TableA:  VisitID, PersonID1, PersonID2
TableB:  PersonID, FirstName, LastName

I'd like to return Visit ID, name of PersonID1, name of personID2.

Usually I would just do a simple join, but I can't seem to get that to work

It should go something like

SELECT A.VisitID, B.FirstName+B.LastName, B.FirstName+B.LastName (this is dup, wont work)
JOIN TableB B ON TableA.PersonID1=TableB.PersonID OR TableA.PersonID2=TableB.PersonID


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You have to join tableb twice, once for each id:

select VisitID, b1.FirstName, b1.LastName, b2.FirstName, b2.LastName
from TableA
        inner join TableB b1 on TableA.PersonID1=b1.PersonID
        inner join TableB b2 on TableA.PersonID2=b2.PersonID
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This works great (as do the other answers), Thanks very much! –  Rob Mar 16 '11 at 17:14
select A.VisitID, B1.FirstName+B1.LastName, B2.FirstName+B2.LastName
from TableA A
    join TableB B1 on A.PersonID1 = B1.PersonId
    join TableB B2 on A.PersonID2 = B2.PersonId

essentially, you join with TableB twice, once per foreign key in TableA

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I think simple inner join two times should do the trick.

select A.VisitID, (BB.FirstName + ' ' + BB.LastName) as Person1, 
(BC.FirstName + ' ' + BC.LastName) as Person2
from TableA A
inner join TableB BB on A.PersonID1 = BB.PersonId
inner join TableB BC on A.PersonID2 = BC.PersonId
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If PersonID1/PersonID2 are nullable, the join has to be left join

    , B1.FirstName + ' ' + B1.LastName
    , B2.FirstName + ' ' + B2.LastName
    TableA A
Left Join
    TableB B1
    A.PersonID1 = B1.PersonID
Left Join
    TableB B2
    A.PersonID1 = B2.PersonID
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Yes but if personid1/2 are nullable, then maybe this approach isn't the best anyway. An ID linking to a list of person ID's would be better. –  Blindy Mar 16 '11 at 18:10

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