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I have two JFrames. Both are visible at same time.

One JFrame takes the whole screen..its just plain white. (it is acting as a background). And other JFrame is a small box with buttons/texts and other swing components.

The problem I get is when I click the big JFrame area, the JFrame box minimizes. So how do I specify java to make sure the JFrame box is always on top of the JFrame background?

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Use a JInternalFrame

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Make the JFrame box a JPanel box.

Your application should only have one JFrame.

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JFrame is a TopLevel Component and therefore usually you don't put a JFrame into another. If you want to put your smaller jframe into your bigger I would subclass either JDialog or a JPanel.

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In general, an application should only have a single JFrame. Other windows should be dialogs.

The problem I get is when I click the big JFrame area, the JFrame box minimizes.

When you use the dialog make sure you specify the frame as the owner of the dialog:

JFrame frame = new JFrame();
JDialog dialog = new JDialog(frame);

If the main frame is ever minimized, the dialog will also be minimized. When the frame is restored the dialog will always display on top of the frame.

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use Jdialog with setModal(false) for your small window ,

probably you want something similar to gimp look at gimp toolbox , only X at title , means its a Dialog.

hope that's help

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