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I have two columns in a header. On the left is an image and next to it is some header text. I need the image and text to be side by side. Right now I'm floating both left but they won't line up side by side because I can't apply a width to either since the image can be variable width that I have no control over.

#header {clear:both;overflow:hidden;}
#header img {float:left;}
#header h3 {color:#000;float:left;}

Is it possible to use divs/css to make this work if the image can be variable width. Or should I just use a table? This also needs to work in IE 6+ (no control over that either, trust me.) thanks!

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Can you post something on jsfiddle.net so we can really see your structure ? –  Haza Mar 16 '11 at 17:33
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Try this approach http://ghettocooler.net/2005/11/13/image-floats-without-the-text-wrap/

Float left and right instead of both left.

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