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I have downloaded a Metatrader .mq4 file from here and I think there is a divide by zero error contained in the file. The relevant section is:

//Calculate sums for the least-squares method

n = (Taps - 1) / 2;

sx2 = (2*n + 1) / 3.0;

sx3 = n*(n + 1) / 2.0;

sx4 = sx2*(3*n*n+3*n - 1) / 5.0;

sx5 = sx3*(2*n*n+2*n - 1) / 3.0;

sx6 = sx2*(3*n*n*n*(n + 2) - 3*n+1) / 7.0;

den = sx6*sx4 / sx5 - sx5; // error here?

Am I correct in my assumption that there is an error, and if so, perhaps someone could point out what the correction should be?

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A division by zero will occur if sx5 is zero. To find what would cause sx5 to be zero, solve sx5=0 for n.

0 = sx5
0 = sx3 * (2*n*n + 2*n - 1) / 3.0
0 = (n*(n + 1) / 2.0) * (2*n*n + 2*n - 1) / 3.0
0 = 2*n^4 + 4*n^3 + n^2 - n

One possible solution to that equation is n=0, so a division by zero error will occur if Taps is 1. I don't know if the equation has other solutions.

Update: Added math.

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I don't see any division by n – Belinda Mar 16 '11 at 18:54
@Belinda, sx5 is calculate from n – ikegami Mar 16 '11 at 18:57
den = sx6*sx4 / sx5 - sx5; // error here?

sx5 - sx5 is presumably always equal to zero, so yes a divide by zero error will occur here.

Edit: Nevermind, this is incorrect

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wouldnt the lack of parenthesis not allow sx5 - sx5 to happen? it would do sx6*sx4 / sx5 first, and then ` - sx5` – calccrypto Mar 16 '11 at 18:39
If Metatrader uses normal order of operations, sx5 - sx5 doesn't occur anywhere in the posted code. – ikegami Mar 16 '11 at 18:39
Oh yeah, sorry I wasn't paying attention – Adam Casey Mar 16 '11 at 18:41

I don't think so, first the multiplication is done, sx6*sx4, then that is divided by sx5, then sx5 is subtracted from the final result.

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