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So I was trying to rename a column in my table from Conversion_Fee_PerShare to just Conversion Fee.

I looked up online and found the syntax be:

sp_RENAME 'TableName.[OldColumnName]', '[NewColumnName]', 'COLUMN'

I wrote my query as:

sp_RENAME 'dbo.AllocationDetails.[Conversion_Fee_Per_Share]' , '[Conversion_Fee]', 'COLUMN'

The column name has now become [Conversion_Fee] instead of Conversion_Fee

Now if am trying to rename again like this:

sp_RENAME 'dbo.AllocationDetails.[Conversion_Fee]' , 'Conversion_Fee', 'COLUMN'

It gives me an error saying:

Msg 15248, Level 11, State 1, Procedure sp_rename, Line 213 Either the parameter @objname is ambiguous or the claimed @objtype (COLUMN) is wrong.

I tried to Alter Table Drop Column AllocationDetails.[Conversion_Fee] it didn't work that way either.

Whats the right syntax?

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/*Initial Table*/  
CREATE TABLE AllocationDetails
     Conversion_Fee_Per_Share FLOAT

/*Faulty Rename*/  
EXEC sp_rename

/*Fixed Rename*/  
EXEC sp_rename

DROP TABLE AllocationDetails 

The column name to use in the second sp_rename call is that returned by SELECT QUOTENAME('[Conversion_Fee_Per_Share]').

Alternatively and more straight forwardly one can use

EXEC sp_rename

QUOTED_IDENTIFIER is always set to on for that stored procedure so this doesn't rely on you having this on in your session settings.

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yeah martin i found it. Thanks for your answer thogh. – vinayvasyani Mar 16 '11 at 18:43
Yes. Saw that after posting. I only figured out the right syntax by doing it in SSMS then scripting the change. Not intuitive! – Martin Smith Mar 16 '11 at 18:44
Did you try the double quotes by any chance? I'm wondering if they could help here. – Andriy M Mar 16 '11 at 20:13
@Andriy - I hadn't but have now. exec sp_rename 'dbo.AllocationDetails."[Conversion_Fee]"' , 'Conversion_Fee', 'COLUMN' works also. – Martin Smith Mar 16 '11 at 20:16
That's great, thanks! – Andriy M Mar 16 '11 at 20:21
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Never mind I found out:

ALTER TABLE dbo.AllocationDetails
DROP COLUMN [[Conversion_Fee]]]


sp_RENAME 'dbo.AllocationDetails.[[Conversion_Fee]]]' , 'Conversion_Fee', 'COLUMN'

these will work fine. :)

Using Double Quotes:

exec sp_rename 'dbo.AllocationDetails."[Conversion_Fee]"' , 'Conversion_Fee', 'COLUMN' 

will also work.

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If you post code, XML or data samples, please highlight those lines in the text editor and click on the "code samples" button ( { } ) on the editor toolbar to nicely format and syntax highlight it! – marc_s Mar 16 '11 at 19:34

To fix this:

sp_RENAME 'dbo.AllocationDetails.[[Conversion_Fee]]]' , 'Conversion_Fee', 'COLUMN'
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