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The original view engine being the .aspx files with the <% %> riddled all over. I kind of want to move away from that, but I want the old code files to still work fine as I migrate.

Are there any good methods for this and/or snags I should be aware of?

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@GeorgeStocker what about the upgrade? – ioSamurai Mar 16 '11 at 19:52
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It is not possible to upgrade from v1 to v3 directly using a tool. You will have to first upgrade using this tool and then use this version to get it to MVC3.

You can also use both view engines together without a problem as seen here.

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It is possible to use a mixture of both engines, and you can include ascx partial views into Razor views, which is helpful during the transition.

aspx and cshtml (Razor) views cannot share a master page, so ultimately you have to have two masters (one for the old, one for the new). However, you can generally refactor most of your master page into a handful of ascx files, which you can then use with both the 'old' and the 'new' master pages.

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