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From version 5.0 onwards, ReSharper offers a "Go To Related Files" navigation which offers a list of files that R# thinks are related to the file currently being edited: for example, base types, derived types, .designer.cs to and from the relevant .cs, and so on.

I have looked in the R# Options and also online, but have not been able to find out:

Is there a way to add files to this list, either within R# natively or by an already-existing plug-in?

(My motivation is to be able to navigate at coding time between files containing classes that are connected by a run-time-only convention-over-configuration, er, convention)

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I don't know about existing plugins, but this feature is extendable. You need to implement IRelatedFilesProvider interface in your plugin and mark it by RelatedFilesProvider attribute. As far as I know, NHibernate plugin do it for analogous task.

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Is there anything else that is required to get this to run? The attribute requires a type and there doesn't seem to be a tutorial on this. – Min May 3 '12 at 18:36

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