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I need to replace a button using a Regex in JavaScript and was wondering how to do this. I know how to grab the src of the button, but I need to take the filename and either add some text "-next" or remove "-next", based on two options that can be toggled. Here are the two different file names:


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Sounds like you may want to use CSS here but without a complete example I can't be sure. Can you post a more realistic example of a) the text you have and b) the text you want in both instances? – Josh M. Mar 16 '11 at 20:43
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To insert a -next before the final dot, you could do

result = subject.replace(/(?=\.[^.]+$)/g, "-next");

To remove a -next before the final dot:

result = subject.replace(/-next(?=\.[^.]+$)/g, "");
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if (url.match(/-next/))
    newUrl = url.replace("-next.", ".");
else newUrl = url.replace(".", "-next.");
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var str = "/images/button.png";
    var idx = str.lastIndexOf('.');
    var replValue = "-next";
    var newStr = str.substring(0,idx) + replValue +

There are probably more efficient ways, but that would work. You'd also want to test for no . found. You can also use a regex but that is more explicit.

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function toggle(img){
        return true;
    return true;

Works on any file extension.

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That looks to me like what you need is pretty simple:

if (addingNext) {
    return str.replace(/\.png$/i, '-next.png');
} else {
    return str.replace(/-next\.png$/i, '.png');
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var src1 = "/images/button.png";
var src2 = "/images/button-next.png";

src1 = src1.replace(/\.(\w+)/, "-next.$1");
src2 = src2.replace("-next", "");
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