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I have an Entity which I wish to index using Hibernate search to take advantage of the full textual search functionality. The Entity has several fields on which I need to filter. As an example:

@Field(index = Index.TOKENIZED, store = Store.NO)
private String description;

@Field(index = Index.UN_TOKENIZED, store = Store.NO)
private Type type;

The description field is what I want to use the full textual search on. The Type field I just want to do a plain old match against. It feels slightly wrong to me that Lucene should be dealing with straight up matching on top of doing the full textual search, and I should be using something like CriteriaBuilder to handle the additional filtering. However, I cannot find any way to combine the two and am resorting to using BooleanJunction operators in my search algorithm with must, matching, and keyword on the fields that I need to straight up match.

So my question, am I doing it right or should I only be using Lucene for full textual search and do the filtering of other attributes some other way?

Many thanks, Finbarr

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@Finbarr, my suggestion would be to just use Hibernate Search for this. I would recommend that to filter your results by type you should use a Hibernate Search FullTextFilter and enable the filter on your FullTextQuery that searches through "description" just before you execute this query. I can post an example for you if the docs aren't sufficient, I have used these filters often and they work very well.

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I am trying to use the DuplicateFilter of Lucene on Hibernate Search, but still couldn't find a way to do it. It would be great if you could help on this. thanks –  Katat Mar 24 '13 at 6:57

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