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Does anyone know if there is a simple way of catching the hovered link url in an AIR HTML control? Just like in a browser, I would like the url to be displayed in a status bar but I can't find any event that is raised on rollover of a link. Do you I need to inspect and perhaps manipulate the DOM myself for that?

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Assuming you're using mx:HTML or HTMLLoader, you'll probably have to write a little script of your own to wire the DOM objects up to the AIR container. Here's one way to do it -- there's probably a more elegant solution out there, but for purposes of illustration, it should suffice.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<mx:WindowedApplication xmlns:mx="http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml" layout="absolute" width="1024" height="768" xmlns:html="flash.html.*" horizontalScrollPolicy="off">


    		private function container_complete(event:Event):void

    		private function addHTMLListeners():void
    			var links:Object = container.htmlLoader.window.document.getElementsByTagName("a");

    			for (var i:int = 0; i < links.length; i++)
    				if (links[i].href != "")
    					var href:String = links[i].href;

    					links[i].onmouseover = function():void { setStatus(this); };
    					links[i].onmouseout = function():void { clearStatus() };

    		private function setStatus(o:Object):void
    			status = o.href;

    		private function clearStatus():void
    			status = "";


    <mx:HTML id="container" location="http://stackoverflow.com/users/32129" width="100%" height="100%" complete="container_complete(event)" />


Hope it helps!

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Excellent, just what I was looking for. Thanks Christian! – Christophe Herreman Feb 10 '09 at 18:31
You are welcome sir! – Christian Nunciato Feb 11 '09 at 17:01
Nice answer. Thanks – Mudasir Bhutto Apr 13 '11 at 22:52

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