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For Xcode 3 I always added *.mod1v3 and *.pbxuser to svn:ignore. Which are the user-specific files in Xcode4?

My first intent would be to add the folders xcuserdata and project.xcworkcpace to svn:ignore

Under the folder "project.xcodeproj/xcuserdata/user.xcuserdatad/xcschemes/" there are some files wich i don't know for what there are used within xcode. And so i did not know if i should add them to SVN.

What are your best practices with SVN and Xcode 4 ?

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UPDATE: A better English SVN-targeted on SO question and answer here: SVN ignore pattern with Xcode 4

I found this blog post for GIT, which shouldn't be any different for SVN:

If you don't read German like me, here's Google's automatic translation:

Cheers, Oded

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Which files are you unsure of?

I've been ignoring all of xcuserdata. The potential loss, as I understand it, is mostly the things I also didn't put under svn in Xcode 3. And schemes I'm not sharing.

I just make sure to share any schemes I care about.

In any case, I regularly delete everything not under source control and haven't lost anything I cared about.

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