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This is my first iPhone project and all has been going very well but I've run into a small snag that I can't seem to find a good solution for. Thanks in advance to everyone who takes their time to help me out.

I have a very straight forward Tab Bar application with a few tabs. Each tab defines a subsection that is controlled with a Navigation Bar. The client now wants to place a button in one of the views of the subsection that "deep links" into a view of a different section ( different tab).

To Illustrate:

  - Tab 1 (Bedrock)
     - Navigation Controller
        - Fred View
        - Wilma View
        - Betty View
        - Barney View
   - Tab 2 (Mystery Machine)
     - NC
        - Scooby View
        - Shaggy View
        - Daphnie View

The client would like a button in 'Barney View' that opens up 'Shaggy View'

What is the best way to accomplish this?

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You will want to use the selectedViewController or selectedIndex property of the UITabBarController to switch tabs, and the viewControllers property of the UINavigationController to set the view stack.

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