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If I have an objectError (of class ObjectError), now when I do **messageResource.getMessage(objectError,Locale.US);**

How can I get exactly which partucular code(out of all the codes in codes list in objectError) got resolved by the messageSource


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Message codes for your ObjectError instances are resolved by an implementation of the interface MessageCodesResolver. The default implementation shipping with the Spring framework is called DefaultMessageCodesResolver and its strategy for generating message codes is well documented in the JavaDocs.

The resulting message codes will be resolved in the given order starting with the most precise message code. If you want to know which one was resolved, you would need to resolve the error codes with the help of the DefaultMessageCodesResolver from your ObjectError and try to resolve the message until you successfully evaluate a given message code to a message.

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Thanks! I will try this. – user620339 Mar 17 '11 at 13:58

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