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I have a UIPopoverViewController with a UIView in it. When I push a button inside the UIView I want it to present a new UIView inside of the UIPopoverViewController. However it keeps taking up the full screen. How can I fix this?


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With 'full screen', do you mean the complete popover, or do you mean the complete display of the device? –  user142019 Mar 16 '11 at 21:50
I mean the complete display of the device. I would love for it to be the full screen of the popover –  Corey Mar 16 '11 at 22:37

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Create a new UIPopoverViewController inside to open the new view Hope this helps

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You have to set the content size of the popover view each time you change its content view for it to maintain your custom sizing.

Apple docs on popoverContentSize:

This property represents the size of the content view that is managed by the view controller in the contentViewController property. The initial value of this property is set to value in the view controller’s contentSizeForViewInPopover property. Changing the value of this property overrides the default value of the current view controller. The overridden value persists until you assign a new content view controller to the receiver. Thus, if you want to keep your overridden value, you must reassign it after changing the content view controller.

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