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I am having trouble coding in Java the following method

int findNodeN(Node node, int n)

For example if the binary search tree is constructed as following:

   10       30    
 1   14   25   35

Then node 1 would be returned if n=0, node 10 would be returned if n = 1 and so on (i.e inOrder traversal)

Appreciate any help

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Why don't you send us what you've done so far? – Ivan Mar 16 '11 at 22:26
If you've figured out how to do an in-order traversal, you're 98% of the way there - where are you stuck? – dfb Mar 16 '11 at 22:29

The simplest realization is to set counter variable to zero. Walk the tree in the usual order. When you go to right child - increase the counter, when you go to the parent and you were in the left child - increase the counter. When the counter becomes equal to N return current vertex.

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Here's a version I have, it's a bit different from what you need, but it's something to work from:

public E findElement(E element)
    TreeNode<E> current = root;

    while (current != null)
        if ( element.compareTo(current.getElement() ) == 0)   //If found
            return current.getElement();
        else if( element.compareTo(current.getElement() ) < 0)    //If element is less
            current = current.getLeftChild();               //Try the left child
        else                                                //If element is greater
            current = current.getRightChild();             //Try the right child

//not found
return null;


Pretty sure you can use recursion to get some more concise code, but this gets the job done.

EDIT: OK, try something like this:

public int findNodeN(Node node, int n, int callNumber) //Call initially with findNodeN(tree.getRoot(), n, 0)
    if (node.hasLeft())
        findNodeN(node.getLeftChild(), n, callNumber);
    if (callNumber == n)                     
         return node.getElement();
    if (node.hasRight())
        printTreeInOrder(node.getRightChild(), n, callNumber);


This isn't tested. Calum

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I am looking for the nth element, I am not searching for a specific value – 3ashmawy Mar 16 '11 at 23:26

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