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assume a fake json response, i have this json string...


i want to get the name "joe" this is what i thought: in JAVASCRIPT for an iphone app!!!

var json = this.responseText;
var response = JSON.parse(json);

alert("hi " + response.B.name);
//the output should be " hi joe"!! 

but there is no response.... the alert goes blank... any help would be apreciated


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Your posted example has some syntax issues. I assume that was simple an error in your example preparation, and not actually in your code. Corrected and formatted, it looks like:

        "A": "1",
        "B": {
            "name": "joe",
            "lastname": "jones"
        "COLORS": {
            "red": "rojo",
            "blue": "azul"
        "active": "yes"

In your response example, 'response' is an array with one item. That item is an object which has property 'B' (among others). So you'd access:

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whoooooohooooooooooooooooooo!!!! thanks brou!!!!!!! you nailed my question!!!! –  rupGo Mar 16 '11 at 23:56
alert("hi " + response[0].B.name);

Your response is an array with an object as its first element

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