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Are there any cross platform libraries that will help me place certain file in different directories. For example in windows a config file will probably go in app data, yet in Linux it will go in /etc/ or /use/etc/ depending on where it was installed. Is there any way to do this transparently?

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boost::filesystem will should soon provide such functionalities (but not yet). I would be you, I'd use boost::filesystem and provide different addresses of user folders by platforms, then when boost::filesystem provide the feature, replace the implementations.

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Did you try with Qt libraries?

Both QFileInfo( qApp->argv()[0] )::absFilePath () and QApplication::applicationDirPath() can work.

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Ive come across it a bit, but due to the license and size of the Qt library. I would prefer something small, that I can legally, compile static. It also doesn't seem to be quite what I'm looking for. I want the config dirs, and so on, dynamic to where it was compiled, such as /, /opt or /use –  Will03uk Mar 16 '11 at 23:28

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