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Does anyone know of existing functionality to visualize the current swing component heirachy of a window at runtime?

I am hoping for something equivalent to how firebug lets you inspect the DOM - with visual popup tip/highlighting.

This functionality would be useful to me when trying to keep track of some dynamically added/removed components.

The graph could be visual or just plain text. I am sure it is possible to program such a tool using java introspection, but do not want to start building a tool that might exist.


http://www.swingexplorer.com/ was exactly what I was looking for.

Since my question, I have found two other similar posts
Inspecting Component Hierarchy in Java UI
Inspect Swing/SWT app at runtime?

I feel a picture of swingexplorer will help others understand what I was trying to describe in words:

enter image description here

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Swing Explorer can help. This utility has the functionality you're looking for

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This is the type of utility I was looking for. Thanks a lot! –  brian_d Mar 17 '11 at 15:54

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