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Consider the following TSQL:

declare @xml xml
select  @xml = '<test xmlns="http://this-is-the-default-namespace-uri">some data</test>'

select  x.value('namespace-uri(.)', 'varchar(100)')
from    @xml.nodes('.') x(x)

What I'm trying to get from the XML is the URI of the default namespace. This is the value of the xmlns attribute on the root element. The above select statement is returning an empty string. How can I get the actual value of the xmlns?

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I don't know what is the context node for SQL-Server .node() function but it's logical that it must be the one holded by @xml variable. It might be a document root because of the way you have declared it. The document root doesn't have any in-scope namespace. So, I would give it a try to @xml.nodes(/*) –  user357812 Mar 17 '11 at 3:02

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I'm not too familiar with how fn:namespace-uri() works but this seems to return what you want...

select  x.value('namespace-uri(.)', 'varchar(100)')
from    @xml.nodes('*[1]') x(x);
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