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I'm having some issues getting personal branch permissions set up using gitolite.


repo    ulul
RW+     =   @admins
RW+ personal/USER/      =   @devs
R       =   @devs
- = @devs

Error message (when pushing): W refs/heads/jesse jesse DENIED by refs/.*

Relevant piece from the compiled gitolite file: 'jesse' => [

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Someone got terribly confused by your answer and decided he needed to use $gl_user in the gitolite.conf file. Please do not supply answers that expose internals. I don't mean it in any "this is a secret" manner, but only in a "please don't confuse noobs" manner :-) (In other words, if someone wants to hack at gitolite that's a valid detail to discuss but not when someone wants to just use it). Thanks Sitaram – user1009559 Oct 23 '11 at 13:47
@Sitaram gitolite is a very good software. I never expected to see its developer leaving such a pedant comment. disappointment – Mario Aug 29 '12 at 18:22

To detail your own answer, the important part is:


$gl_user is the variable set after the name passed in parameter of the scripts called ssh in its forced command mechanism.
That name is the one of the public key registered through gitolite.

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Figured it out. Turns out the personal/USER/ is just the namespace; so creating branches like personal/jesse/main works fine. Hope this helps future gitolite users.

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