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How do you append a line of text in a Text_Box in ruby shoes? I can see no way of doing this. Currently I am writing to a text file then opening that text file to get newly appended content.

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could you be a little more specific? I don't see a Text_Box element in Shoes' documentation. Maybe paste in the code you are using today for reference. But I'm pretty sure you can just @textbox.text = @textbox.text + "\nNew Text" – Unixmonkey Mar 18 '11 at 3:10
Hmm I'll have to try that tomorrow. I just had a total duh ruby moment. – Beaon Mar 22 '11 at 4:05

here two ways, one with the initialisation and one after :width => 300, :height => 450 do
  @text = edit_box :width => 1.0, :height => 400, :text =>'test'
  @text.text = "test2"
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You have 7 forms of Text_Box:

banner, a 48 pixel font.
title, a 34 pixel font.
subtitle, a 26 pixel font.
tagline, an 18 pixel font.
caption, a 14 pixel font.
para, a 12 pixel font.
inscription, a 10 pixel font.

To create a Text_Box of 12 pixel font you need to do that: do
   @text_box_example = para "Some text \n"
   #To append line:
   @text_box_example.replace @text_box_example + "New line of text\n"
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This is a little late but you can do it like this:

require 'green_shoes' do            
background "#EFC"
flow :width=>'100%', :margin=>10 do
    stack do
        title "Green shoes append example"


    stack :width=>150 do
        b=button "Click me"{
        @j.text=  "#{@j.text} New line of text\n"


j is the name of the edit_box.

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